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Frequently asked questions
1 How do you get users to use Click Click Time?
2 Why should we use Click Click Time?
3 How do you get started?
4 I have forgotten my password help!
5 How easy is it to use?
6 How easy is it to set up?
7 How much does Click Click Time Cost?
8 What happens if I need support?
9 What is the procedure for adding extra reports/functionality?
10 Why can I not access some of the reports?
11 How secure is this site?
12 Who owns the software?

How do you get users to use Click Click Time?

This is a strategic management issue on one level and a process issue on another.

At the strategic management level the issue centers around motivation of staff to record time. We do not wish to be condescending here but perhaps motivators might be around benefits - business improving profit so greater job security, can track work done better and so justify yourself, recording your experience to help with a qualification or promotion. Else, and this is the least favorite option, a simple coercion method "just do it or else" approach may be necessary.

At the process issue level this is addressed in Click Click Time by an Administrator using the report "No Time by User and Reminder" report in the User Reports area. Run the report over the period in question and users with no time records in the period are listed. After ticking the user you want to send a reminder to click the Remind icon and an email will be sent to the user to remind them to log time.

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Why should we use Click Click Time?

Click Click Time has been specifically written so that it is easy to use without compromising performance. The ability to capture information efficiently from any location with an internet connection means that business managers can get up to the minute information per client. You will be able to review how profitable your clients, projects and users are to your company at a touch of a button.

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How do you get started?

- we discuss the use of Click Click Time with you and make sure you are comfortable
- you go to the sign up page and fill in the form
- your very own the Click Click Time ledger is set up
- we talk you through adjustments to the configuration or make them for you
- we agree a central point of contact within your business
- we get your users up to speed with time recording and administration
- you review the quick guides found on this support page
- if you need us to visit and train user we can do that but do charge for this service
- thereafter the first month is free and on the next quarter we bill in advance per the user base at the quarter start

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I have forgotten my password help!

You can use the password reminder process in the log in area. Youre group administrator for your company can access all your company passwords or alternatively send us an e-mail to support@clickclicktime.com and as long as your e-mail address matches the one held on the system we will send you your id and password.

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How easy is it to use?

All you need is an internet connection, a user name and password to access Click Click Time. The amount of information you have to input has been kept to a minimum so that all computers users can easily enter their time. Click Click Time only requires you to input the date, a description of the work performed, the project number and the number of hours worked.

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How easy is it to set up?

The software can be ready in minutes but we suggest careful management is considered before setting up the project codes. We offer a set up service which involves one of our qualified consultants reviewing your needs, so that you get the most from Click Click Time.

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How much does Click Click Time cost?

GBP 5.00 per user month invoiced in advance.

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What happens if I need support?

Supporting you is important to us so if you have any queries please e-mail us at support@clickclicktime.com and we will reply to your query as soon as we can. Otherwise please call the consultant who opened your account, if you do not know their number please e-mail support and we will arrange for them to call you.

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What is the procedure for adding extra reports or functionality?

Click Click Time is constantly reviewed, upgraded so please let us know if you have any suggestions so that it works better for you. We will let you know if your suggested report, utility, application will be included in our next release. However, if you need a bespoke report or function this can be written for you but will be charged at the consultancy rate. We will provide quotes for any additional work and guarantee we will not charge you any more than the agreed quote!

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Why can I not access some of the reports?

Reviewing others time, setting up projects etc all depends on your user security. There are three user security levels Admin, Input plus and Input only. Admin users can review all reports, and can review other users time. Input plus users can set up clients and projects but cannot review other users time. Input only users can only input and manage their own time.

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How secure is this site?

We take security very seriously at Click Click Time. We have developed a strict mutilayered security strategy and back up and disaster recovery strategy with measures to ensure the utmost integrity of our system. We are not prepared to publish these strategies, sorry.

The software is written in php and uses session ids each time you log in to the site. The data is held on a third party dedicated secure server which includes a 99.9% up time guarantee. As you might exepct the server is protected by a firewall and anti virus software.

Regular full site backups are performed and stored on a separate server off site to minimize any data loss. The back up procedure is documented and held in two secure locations. If the dedicated server is unavailable for any period greater than 12 hours the site will remain functioning on the back up server.

Access is controlled by user ID password combination to prevent any unauthorised access.

Banks use https: SSL encryption. Users can do the same if they so wish by replacing the site prefix http: with https: If any transmissions between user and server are intercepted by hackers, it will be virtually impossible to decode.

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Who owns the software?

The software is owned by Alphaledgers Limited; please review our terms and conditions for full details.

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